New Diffusers for Cars and Trucks.

Unique Essential Oil Kits Provide A Custom Driving Experience

Alleviates dry skin.

Say goodbye to stress

Breathe better, feel better.

Essential Oils Create a Custom Driving Experience

A diffuser for everyone

The VIVE Essential Oil Car Diffuser comes in four color options including mint, sunshine, lavender, and black. Its design is modern, fun, and easy to use. Plug it into your vehicle's 12v or USB port for charging. Enjoy using your diffuser in a car, van, truck, or recreational vehicle.

"We use our VIVE diffuser every time we get in the car. The subtle addition of essential oil really improves our morning commute."

-James H.

"I have an essential oil diffuser in my apartment so when I saw that I could have one in my car it made me really happy! I use it all the time."

-Erica R.

"I put my favorite essential oil in my car diffuser and it makes my entire car smell fresh. I love it!"

-Jourdan S.